How many more wars?   Leave a comment

If we look back since the beginning of times, when men reached Earth (and he did it), war has been the main point we have to raise our supposed personality, totally covered by shadows, of course.

And some people like to think that this is right.

If we break down the factor “war”, we will see that bad is not just to shoot a man on a battle, but the feeling “to kill” that we keep in ourselves as a treasure and we  express it in our society, causes damages all over and it includes our families.

Take a look in what happens in a work environment, when the war for better position, for keep position, for be in vantage, for make more money (at any cost usually) and it will be easy to see war installed in our hearts.

Would it be natural, or a excuse to expose our desire for blood and destruction?

When we refuse to give to a child one answer, a knowledge, a possibility, a chance, a good example  or even a simple information, we are killing a part of his future, a part of his hope, a part of his trust, a part of our society.

Should we teach our little ones how to be a warrior, over a pretext of him being a winner?

Why we cannot believe that UNION could make a force much stronger than competition? (Like: United . . .)

How many more wars?

Now, we can run to a nuclear disarmament! But this is not going to happen because we turn to become nice or full of love. It will be because we don’t need this outmoded weapons anymore, we have the “weather war” now. We can send  earthquakes, storms, snow, volcanoes and God knows what else.

Before you think the writer is trying to be a sweet person, to raise his credits with kind words of peace, I ask you to realize that not long ago;

I use to hold a sword, I use to apply it for its destiny, to kill. I came from a place and time where torture was fun and we had special dungeons to have this kind of leisure activity.

The ones who thinks is tough today, have no idea on how being cruel can teach us how to become “sweet”, if it is possible to be understood that way.

One day, the joke comes back over us, some how.

Let’s practice our aim on Central America, now we can tour it to the South.

We know that there is a great chance of a Earthquake drop here, on California but just as a better answer, lets advise that there is some possibility to the Earthquake also drop over Tehran.

Remember that beautiful lady being shot and dying on Tehran? What this brave people has to do with the “one more war” over control, over something that just not remains to anyone of us?

World should be ours, and it will be just when the rights can be shared for everyone, in common.

I use to own the world, but now I have to walk on the streets and beg for the compassion. Not because I lost the “touch”, but because I have learned how to love everyone in this world of God.

If we should do something about it, believe me, this something has to be bringing more peace and understanding.

I hope we get it, while there is still time, time to reconcile while we are in the way with them.


Posted March 3, 2010 by theunitedartists in whats news in hell...

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