Abandonment lays siege to our Children   Leave a comment

Despite all care given to a person, from the moment they are born, until they are about five or seven, the moment  they stop being loved and become a loved trouble, raises the questions our society should be attempting, in attention of the future of our nation.

Why does the little youngster become a loved trouble?

Why, in such few years, the loved part is forgotten?

Did you teach  them  how to be genuinely beneficial to the family?

Should we keep believing that school, food, shelter and amenities are enough to bring knowledge to take our children to happiness, one day?

Have you thought where the leaders of the nation come from?

If so, why do we want to eliminate the leaders, before we begin to think who will take their place? What difference can this change make?

If we are prepared for this answer, why do we want to believe we are doing our part in the rise of this society, to compose a civilization’s culture?

Are we thinking we have some sort of culture?

Do we know the difference between culture and knowledge?

Does knowledge bring positive results without culture ?

Oh, maybe we never want to worry about that, or anything that isn’t going to fill our pantry, for that matter.

Does a wealthy, mature person who has lost his mind, do any good for his parents being that he lost himself due to a total absence of answers?

Does it still feed our proud ego of being wealthy parents?

Could it be that his parents will abandon him in an asylum? …But that would be to abandon him twice, no?

Maybe we, the parents, have lost our minds the moment we choose to invest in tangible values which cannot feed our children’s souls, abandoning them inside our own home, between our four walls and before our myopic eyes.

What about the understanding of peace and love? Remember? 70’s aspirations?

What about the attitude of being ‘tough’ being replaced for  ‘committed to be      good ‘?  Could it be a better start with the little ones? – I mean, good for all.

Before we raise our indignity, let’s just comprehend that the love that makes us fight for the kids, is the same that makes us fight for our desire to look good among our community. This feeling can mask the possibility of killing anyone who attempts anything against our beloveds, once what we really love is our pride of being violently righteous avengers.

That is why people support the death penalty. Even in a popular court, even in a religious one, using the name of the highness, who serve as samples of humanity, who certainly were totally against murder.

Would what is guiding us, be the same that is guiding our children?

Do we believe we can have any good results from this, or will we keep counting on ‘luck’, or Someone else, as usual?

If you doubt me, think of the asylums of drugs, prostitution, violence, cruelty, indifference, but specially, think about the insanity of the

abandonment of our


Maybe next post lightning could strike.


Posted March 14, 2010 by theunitedartists in Family

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