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We have heard a lot about this gentleman, who is not sure how to keep himself in balance, once he comes in touch with the ladies, holding the powers he is allowed to have.

It seems our total absence of mercy is revealed in each comment and also in each joke the messengers of mass information let appear in their smirk, within the contempt it possesses for the difficulty a non-perfect person has, in a moment he doesn’t know how to get rid of. No mercy on him.

Would it be wrong because he got caught, and the others did not?, or would this be wrong because he is missing consideration on his votes of honor to his wife?

I don’t think anyone is thinking about the human souls involved in this case, but are instead in how out of contest it is, to have his sexual talents used so ‘inappropriately’, in a manner everyone can ‘see’ it.

His wife will not have the chance to forgive him, even if it is possible for her understandable love for him, because there will be watchers making sure she will not be ‘weak’ to forgive the man who cannot find himself, as ‘unique’ as he is,  in this same kind of case.

Seems that you can do it, once you don’t get caught, or that we will condemn anyone who does such a thing, before we get caught.

While this gentleman life’s is exposed that way, nobody is really worried in doing something that  is positive, or even useful for our society. In the opposite, we are giving the children the worse kind of example in judgment and absence of mercy.

In the meaning time, we will keep ourselves sneaking between the woods, doing the same thing, planning to do it or dreaming of doing it, which is all the same thing.

Before the comments turn the ‘condemnation thing’ against the writers,  take a look at Mr. Tiger Woods educational society, see what we have taught him to adore, to appreciate, to become involve in. Go back a little in time, to see the movies he used to admire, the stories his friends were also educated to tell him how to get deep in the ‘wonders’ of sex, the examples the celebrities brought to the news at his time in a huge variety of scandals and permittivity. – We taught him the way to get out of balance, while we keep hiding in the woods, watching who will be next. – We allow the information to circulate among our children, we are educating them to be or to love those things, about everything.

Does the word hypocrisy mean anything, with the sense that it makes, in this case? Isn’t it enough to know that for some people sex is a prison, a trap, an addiction which allows no way out? Are we going to keep making disgusting comments and stretching the subject to provoke more adepts to our insane beliefs?

We believe that we can do anything, once we have no publicity around it. But when are we going to  believe that we have to do something about it in a human manner?

Nice words are nice, and that is it. Nobody with such a problem needs this kind of attention, they need solutions, as any other addiction problem.

Let me guess. Nobody knows the solution, right? We are just like him and in this case, how can we present something that we don’t have?

After you say that society has a nice behavior and he should do the same, and other old silly cliches, think about the woods people are hiding in from the same lack of solution he isn’t able to hide, being a public person. We have abandoned him as a child, as well as we are abandoning our own child now. Do we really want to believe we will get good results from this? Are we going to keep thinking this is other people lives, but not ours? What else are we going to do to trick our own lives? To find someone to crucify and while the scandals roll, nobody pays attention in my mistakes?

Great solution Society, Great solution!

Isn’t Mr. Tiger Woods a good reflection of everyone who is not showing who they are, while we are scrutinizing  who is exposing himself in an attempt to find inside the society, a solution, even if it mean a lot of pain?

That is what we need:

Good solutions Society, Good Solutions!


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